Gallery of Horse Heads

  1. 3-D Sculpted Gypsy Head
    This Steel Is heated and hand pounded to make face become 3-D
    3-D Sculpted Gypsy Head
  2. TitleCeltic Gypsy Head
    Flat Face with 3-D main and add on Stainless steel cross
    TitleCeltic Gypsy Head
  3. Dreamer Horse
    Flat face with 3-D mane add on dream catcher and feathers.
    Dreamer Horse
  4. Special Blessings Horse
    Flat face and 3-D mane as well as stainless steel add on butterflies
    Special Blessings Horse
  5. Warrior Horse
    This element represents the description field.
    Warrior Horse
  6. Faith Racer
    Faith Racer
  7. Running Free
    Running Free
  8. Ying Yang Horses
    Ying Yang Horses